WE ARE HERE – Radioshow 29.05.2017


Anti-abortion mobilization is rising in Europe : what is the position of so called “pro life” movement ? with who and which organization is it related ?
A mobilization calling for a total forbid of abortion is going on the 12th of June in Anaberg Buchholz (Erzgebirge, Saxony). Called by a group close to the evangelist and right-conservative movement, this demo happen once a year since 2012. On the other side of the barrier, pro-choice activist of Saxonia are fighting back with a demonstration at the same time : we interviewed one of those militants of “pro choice network”, claiming the right for all women to choose for herself under the motto : “protect the life, legalize abortion !”.
We discuss about the hole topic and also give an short overview of the legal situation of abortion in several countries (Germany, France, Poland, Belaruss).
In Germany, abortion is still not legal on any circumstances : you can do it, but the paragraph 218 in the German criminal code still criminalize it.

More links and infos about the mobilization pro-abortion and its network :

– Demonstration against “Silent March” on the 12 of June, 2pm, Anaberg Buchholz :

– Women help Women network : womenhelp.org

And here the link to the radio show

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