WE ARE HERE – radioshow 15.05.17


European Union this days presents itself in the world a place of free thought and democracy. Place where human lives are valued and opinion of each person is something of importance. In contrast to the wild world where military dictatorships are killing thousands, and faschist coups are killing hopes of the people. Europeans believe that this is something that should never be like that. The whole world should share the values of Europe – that’s the perspective of european liberals. Little attention is payed to the point of cooperation between European Union and different dictatorships in the world.

Starting with economical interests of european bussiness and ending up with political alliences Europe is well known around the world as a supported of different regimes around the world. Promoting humanistic values from one side and supporting distruction of freedom in the other places is a hypocricy of Europe that we would like to talk about today.

Europe and dictatorships around the world is main topic of our show today.

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