about us

Our  initiative started on January 2015, when Khaled Idris Baray from the Eritrean community was found death in the backyard of his house. Back then his flatmates were afraid that this was an racist attack.
After a public commemoration meeting, where a lot of different people joined, we all went together to the local alternative center. Around 50 – 70 people were talking about the situation, about the fears, expectations, problems people face in their daily life. We were together reviewing the newspapers about the incident, as everything was written in German language.

Out of this dynamic was formed the initiative, Remembering Khaled by people who knew Khaled, members of the Eritrean community, individuals and  supporters from other  groups.
We decided together to make a big demonstration, demanding appropriate investigations, particularly the person was seeking for asylum and his dead should be taken serious, rights and safety for refugees, against racism in the city and the whole development of PEGIDA. Which actually could give the space for a crime, but not necessarily had to be one in that case.
Later on it became known that his flatmate was taken in custody. And after  the trial (8 months later), Khaled’s former flatmate was found guilty.

After all this, some people decided to continue gathering together, because there  is still a lot of things to fight for. Just having these spaces where people with different life experiences can be together and learn from each other is enriching and necessary to fight against borders and racism.

Borders divide, Solidarity unite.