WE ARE HERE – radioshow 06.03.17

Are you aware of the double standards governments put on citizens and non- citizens? Basic principals like freedom and work for fair wages are not applied equally to the people around us. Depending on their legal status people are getting treated very differently. In this show we will get insight in the social struggle and read more »

البرنامج الاذاعي نحن هنا ٢٧/٠٣/٢٠١٧

موضوع الحلقة نقاش وجهات النظر حول مهردان من المشرق الى المغرب الزي قام بتنظيمه مسرح هيلاراو وحوار عام حول معنى الاندماج يمكن الاستماع للبرنامج على هذا الرابط

WE ARE HERE – radioshow 20.02.17 women in political struggle

This show is all about women. We discuss the role of women in freedom-struggles in different parts of the world. Among other things, we interview an activist from Kiev and listen to Dila Dirik, who gives her perspective on the Situation in Rojava. If you are interested in more informations here are some links: Article read more »

WE ARE HERE – radioshow 06.02.17 climate change

Imagine We reduce pollution in our cities and lands- to have clean air to breathe. Imagine we stop destroying our lakes and river systems – so we have pure water to drink. Imagine we stop cutting down our forest and exploiting our natural environment, so we have beautiful lands to settle…. And imagine…doing that…it would read more »

Share coffee, cake and our perspectives

We invite you to our cafe on wednesday 15th of february in malobeo, Kamenzer Str. 38. We wanna hang out and discuss what concerns us, exchange our perspectives toward questions about social and political issues and eat cake. You are warmly invited to join and bring your perspective.

WE ARE HERE – radioshow 23.01.17 – representative democracy?

DOES VOTING MAKE SENSE?? Today we want to continue asking ourselves if…”voting make sense?”. It seems that here and in other places current democracy is dying…even general mainstream media are kind of agreeing with that fact. There is a crisis on the trust in politicians, and generally on the ruling kind and on the ways read more »

Press release: advertisement boxes refilled with antiracist messages in remembrance of Oury Jalloh

This weekend activists refilled several advertisement boxes in tram and bus stops in different saxonian cities with new content. Instead of showing commercial advertisements, manipulating people towards consumption, the boxes content has been changed to antiracist messages. The cause of this action is the 12th anniversary of the dead of Oury Jalloh. Thr group Black read more »

WE ARE HERE – Radioshow 26th of December

This show was about racism and violence within the police. We talked about examples in germany and france. Here you can listen to the RadioShow WE ARE HERE is a radioshow being broadcasted every 2 weeks on mondays on Coloradio (99.3 / 98.4) at 9pm. Livestream on Coloradio.org. We are here, a radiowhow where we read more »

البرنامج الاذاعي نحن هنا ١٩/١٢/٢٠١٦

موضوع الحلقه لقاء مع المنظمين للندواة المتواصلة لمدة أربع ايام التي كانت تناقش الاوضاع السياسيه التاريخية في سوريا يمكن الاستماع للبرنامج على هذا الرابط

WE ARE HERE – Radioshow 12th of December

Our last radioshow evolved around different topics. After the presentation last week about protest in france in spring this year, we had still a lot of question, especially about the emergency state. so we invited a friend from france and she was giving an introduction about this topic. further on we talked about micro targeting read more »