Press release: advertisement boxes refilled with antiracist messages in remembrance of Oury Jalloh

This weekend activists refilled several advertisement boxes in tram and bus stops in different saxonian cities with new content. Instead of showing commercial advertisements, manipulating people towards consumption, the boxes content has been changed to antiracist messages. The cause of this action is the 12th anniversary of the dead of Oury Jalloh. Thr group Black Rose wants to remember Oury Jalloh, visibilizing his rascist murder and its causes, in solidarity with “BREAK THE SILENCE Initiative in Gedenken and Oury Jalloh e.V.”, who is seeking justice for Oury Jalloh for 12 years.

Consequently one of the posters shows the portrait of Oury Jalloh, his living dates and the reason why he is dead. For general reflection of every day and administrative racism and its consequences, the other poster states: “Racism kills” in english, german and arabic.

Alina Zara, the spokes person of the group Black Rose comments: “This Saturday the 07.01.2017 is the 12th anniversary of Oury Jallohs murder. We are supporting the demands of the initiative BREAK THE SILENCE to achieve justice for him, figthing against state and administrative racism, which is the real cause behind the inncident.”

Oury Jalloh was an asylum seeker from Sierra Leone living in Dessau. After beeing arrested in 2005 during a police control, he burned to death in a police station, while his hands and feet were chained to a fireproof mattress. According to the police and state officials he burned himself. An independent autopsy organized by the initiative BREAK THE SILENCE revealed a different story, that did not match the official version of the case, where many points do not add up. There are allegations that authorities attempted to mislead investigations or entirely cover up the affair.

Today we are reclaiming the public space, through public transport stops, to remember Oury Jalloh and to remind you: the problem of state and administrativ racism still exists. Only united we can build up a better and open society based on solidarity!”

Solidary unites, racism divides!

Black Rose

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