WE ARE HERE – radioshow 20.03.17


Today we’re going to talk about prisons, in order to visibilise people that are here, but not visible. A lot of different people are beeing locked behind barred windows for variuos reasons : what unites them is mostly a origin from working class or a darker tone of skincolour. What does not unite most of them is beeing murderous monsters that threaten the core of our society.

We were in Chemnitz on the 8th of march, trying to give some support to the women that are locked there in prison. We’ll have a report on that.
We’ll also read beautiful poems on that topic.
Here in the studio we’ll also hear an experience from someone who only tried to cross the border and went to different european prison for that. To open the topic, we’ll have a discussion about prison, asking us directly if it’s relevant at all to keep prisons in our world.

The link to the whole interview with the belarussian aktivist.

Here is the website of the support group of the prisoner union from Jena

And here the link to the RadioShow.

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